21 Dec 2021 | Updated 1 Jan 2022 [services]

Polarity to add xUSD-XMR trading pair on 23 December 2021

Polarity1 (Stablecoin Exchange Platform) is looking to add the xUSD-XMR trading pair to its platform on the 23rd of December, according to the latest Haven Protocol2 announcement3:

Previously the only option for Monero users to maintain a stable USD value was to use a public stablecoin such as Tether but with the launch of the xUSD:XMR pair, this compromise on privacy no longer exists.

xUSD4, or Synthetic USD (pegged to the US Dollar), is the first asset that was added by Haven to their network (mainnet) in July 2020.

It is hard to tell if Haven’s dark past (pre-mine & dev exit5, price manipulation claims6, high fees7, recent protocol exploits8 and the subsequent HF rollback9) will continue to haunt the project into 2022 or if the new team’s efforts (code overhaul, security audit10 and the $100K bug bounty program11) will be enough to produce a change of heart in the privacy community.

Updated: trading pair was added.

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