9 Dec 2022 [wallets]

pokkst releases MyNero Wallet v0.4.1.1

pokkst1 has released version of MyNero Wallet3:

[..] while this is a small update, it does introduce a new receive screen with a list of previously generated addresses, and a new default I2P node ran by me for people who do not wish to run their own node to test out I2P.4

Changes overview

- Adds a default I2P node, ran by me
- New, quick "Donate" button added to the send dialog
- Adds new "Occasional Donation" feature.
- Added option to hide Monerochan on home screen
- Bug fixes and optimizations
- New receive screen [..]

The complete changelog is available on the website5.

To support the project you can donate XMR to the address listed on the website3.

Note that this project’s Github repository6 is no longer maintained7, as pokkst decided to move the source code to I2P8.

  1. (XMPP w/OMEMO) pokkst at xmpp dot is 

  2. https://mynero.net/download/ 

  3. https://mynero.net/  2

  4. https://libreddit.de/zgzybj/ 

  5. https://mynero.net/changelog.txt 

  6. https://github.com/pokkst/monero-wallet/ 

  7. https://github.com/pokkst/monero-wallet/commit/eb070811c9c5ac93d6040758a465cc7037fb117e/ 

  8. (I2P) http://4hsesnr6mjb4qrflgf5gezjaszzoqnnisin7ywzbsv6pgcxysiaq.b32.i2p/pokkst/mynero