9 Mar 2023 [wallets]

pokkst rebrands MyNero to 'Mysu Wallet' with v0.4.2.1 release

pokkst1 has rebranded MyNero Wallet2 to Mysu Wallet3, with the release of version

Changes overview

+ Added username and password option to node entries
+ Added Mysu (previously MyNero) Tor node as default node
+ Added multi-destination transactions, with a send screen redesign
* Node can now be changed during onboarding screen
* Rebranded to Mysu Wallet

To support the project you can donate XMR to the address listed on the website3.

Note that this project’s Github repository5 is no longer maintained6, as pokkst decided to move the source code to I2P7.

  1. (XMPP w/OMEMO) pokkst at xmpp dot is 

  2. https://mynero.net/ 

  3. https://mysu.dev/  2

  4. https://mysu.dev/download/ 

  5. https://github.com/pokkst/monero-wallet/ 

  6. https://github.com/pokkst/monero-wallet/commit/eb070811c9c5ac93d6040758a465cc7037fb117e/ 

  7. (I2P) http://4hsesnr6mjb4qrflgf5gezjaszzoqnnisin7ywzbsv6pgcxysiaq.b32.i2p/pokkst/mynero