27 Oct 2022 [services]

pokkst creates Pleroma instance dedicated to Monero users

pokkst1 has started2 hosting a new Pleroma instance (xmrposter.club3) dedicated to Monero users:

A place for Monero users to discuss, hangout, share ideas, shitpost, and more. Non-Monero users are welcome too.

The instance can also be accessed via Tor4 and I2P5.

Note that email is required for registration, but apparently a burner address is permitted.

pokkst is also currently developing the MyNero Wallet6 and maintaining the Monero Decoy Scanner7 script. To support their work, you can donate XMR to the address listed on the xmrposter.club About page8.

  1. https://github.com/pokkst/ 

  2. https://libreddit.de/yedhxc/ 

  3. https://xmrposter.club/ 

  4. (onionsite) tzpzndpihjtisqp55gkgn3mxrpk3cipuyyjabxya36etllwkvbe2jqid.onion 

  5. (eepsite) mfgadaaf6cevhtquejmmg7sxvwai2br5476mg6vwc7j6l7qf6ena.b32.i2p 

  6. /mynero-wallet-v0.3.2-released/ 

  7. /pokkst-monero-decoy-scanner/ 

  8. https://xmrposter.club/about