22 May 2022 [services]

pluja announces new and improved version of iseeyour.cash experimental search engine

pluja1 has announced2 a new and improved version of the ISeeYour.cash3 experimental search engine project:

Today I’m happy to show you the new version of iseeyour.cash. It has been down for quite a while, until now. [..] I made this site to show users some of the risks of transparent blockchains and to show the benefits of using Monero.


- Much faster speeds than the previous version (~4s on the first search, <2s in future searches).
- Lighter UI.
- Improved scalability using MongoDB as a database.
- Reverse search, meaning you can input an address in the search field and (if present in the database) you will be able to see the user that owns the address.
- Better scrapping and fewer requests.
- Twitter support only.
- Easy self-hosting with docker-compose (and better documentation on how-to).
- Zero Javascript, no trackers, no logs.

Planned features include: support for Reddit, rich lists, total user funds, option to display full database content and REST API.

The code is open source on Codeberg4 and anyone can contribute.

pluja is also the maintainer of other projects like kycnot.me5, awesome-privacy6, Feetter7 and is currently working on moneroj.info8 and monero.boats9.

To support their work, you can donate some XMR to the address10 listed on the ISYC website.

  1. https://codeberg.org/pluja/ 

  2. https://libredd.it/uvgmrb/ 

  3. https://iseeyour.cash 

  4. https://codeberg.org/pluja/iseeyour.cash 

  5. https://kycnot.me/ 

  6. https://github.com/pluja/awesome-privacy 

  7. https://feetter.r3d.red/ 

  8. https://moneroj.info/ 

  9. https://monero.boats/ 

  10. https://iseeyour.cash/about#support