18 Oct 2021 | Updated 1 Nov 2021 [services]

pluja raises Monero awareness with new iseeyour.cash project

KYCnot.me1 maintainer pluja2 tries to raise awareness of Monero’s importance with his new ISeeYour.cash3 project:

Most cryptos are not anonymous. Pseudonymous is the word. If an address gets linked to any of your identities, everybody can see all your balances and all your transactions. And track them.

This page is like a search engine. Search for a Reddit user and see if they have any crypto address linked to their account.

Support for other social media platforms, such as Youtube and Twitter are on the roadmap.

The code is open source on Codeberg4 and anyone can contribute. You can also donate XMR5 to support pluja for his efforts.

  1. https://kycnot.me/ 

  2. https://codeberg.org/pluja/ 

  3. https://iseeyour.cash 

  4. https://codeberg.org/pluja/iseeyour.cash 

  5. https://iseeyour.cash/about#support