27 May 2022 [services]

pluja launches moneroj.info knowledge site

pluja1 has launched the new moneroj.info2 independent Monero knowledge site, a place for useful articles about Monero for newbies and non-tech savvy people:

I don’t aim to reinvent the wheel. I will be using and linking any content that has already been created, and it can be useful. But I will always try to create my very own original content and add value.3


pluja plans to translate the website to Spanish, French and German.

To learn more about pluja’s work, consult my previous reports678.

  1. https://codeberg.org/pluja/ 

  2. https://moneroj.info/ 

  3. https://libredd.it/uyvelj/ 

  4. https://moneroj.info/transparent-blockchains/ 

  5. https://moneroj.info/the-risks-of-transparent-blockchains/ 

  6. /pluja-new-improved-iseeyourcash-experimental-search-engine 

  7. /pluja-unveils-new-kycnotme-dark-themed-user-interface/ 

  8. /pluja-cancels-moneroj-ccs-proposal/