29 Jun 2022 [culture]

Peter McCormack uploads WBD episode 520: Privacy on Monero vs Bitcoin with Seth for Privacy

Peter McCormack1, host of What Bitcoin Did2 podcast, has just uploaded episode 52034 of the show (from June 8th), in which he discusses Monero vs Bitcoin with Sethforprivacy5:

[..] let’s get the 21 million, let’s get a Bitcoin standard, let’s get everyone on Bitcoin, and then when we can come back, then we could, maybe, add some deeper privacy tools (Peter @ 34:07)

Several topics are covered in this interview, such as: the need for digital privacy, BTC’s privacy limitations, verifiable supply, atomic swaps, XMR delistings, maximalism, block size and monetary policy.

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  4. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=wfZU1hxGrk8 

  5. https://nitter.net/sethforprivacy