19 Sep 2021 [mining]

p2pool decentralized Monero mining pool v1.0 released

p2pool version 1.01 has been released. Mining on mainnet has started:

Before you start mining, create a new wallet and don’t use it for anything else but mining for privacy reasons - all wallet addresses are public on P2Pool! Only primary wallet address is supported - no subaddresses or integrated addresses.

The following wallets are known to support p2pool:

Before using the software, you should verify the SHA256 sums with SChernykh2’s GPG key3.

The README4 has valuable information about features, defaults, how pool shares work, build instructions and a short mining guide.

If you need assistance, you can reach out to other p2pool miners on irc5.

  1. https://github.com/SChernykh/p2pool/releases/tag/v1.0 

  2. https://github.com/SChernykh 

  3. https://p2pool.io/SChernykh.asc, https://github.com/monero-project/gitian.sigs/blob/master/gitian-pubkeys/SChernykh.asc 

  4. https://github.com/SChernykh/p2pool/blob/master/README.md 

  5. #monero-pools (irc), #p2pool-log (irc/libera)