13 Dec 2021 [bounties]

OsrsNeedsF2P proposes bounty for addition of XMR-BTC atomic swaps trading pair to Bisq

OsrsNeedsF2P1 has proposed a bounty2 for the addition of a XMR-BTC atomic swaps trading pair to Bisq3 DEX:

This proposal is to add BTC <-> XMR swaps to Bisq. This follows recent developments regarding the first BTC <-> XMR atomic swap implementation and the 1.8.0 Bisq release featuring the first atomic swaps on the exchange.

Total Bounty: 0.27 XMR (to date)

Payout criteria

With a Haveno4 release still ~1 year away, this would give users more choices and prevent monopolistic innovation stifling, according to the proposer.

To start working on the project yourself, you should make your intentions public by posting a comment in the bounty’s thread2 and in Bisq’s proposal repository5.

To increase the bounty you can contribute some XMR to the bounty address posted by the Monero Bounties Bot2.

  1. https://github.com/dginovker 

  2. https://bounties.monero.social/posts/46  2 3

  3. https://bisq.network/ 

  4. https://haveno.exchange/ 

  5. https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals/issues/353