18 Oct 2022 | Updated 23 Jan 2023 [services]

Ora_pro_vivis teases Monero POS desktop app 'Merchant'

Ora_pro_vivis1 is teasing2 Merchant3, an upcoming Monero point-of-sale desktop app for receiving & tracking Monero sales & payments in person:

[..] I have been developing a point of sale desktop app for accepting in person payments of Monero at your place of business. [..] an Electron JS native desktop app that uses the MoneroJS library

Features overview

A stagenet video demo4 and some screenshots are currently available on the website.

An alpha version should hopefully be released for testing in early 2023 and the source code will most likely be licensed MIT5.

Project supporters can donate6 XMR to help fund the development and cover the hosting and domain name registration costs.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: alpha pushed back a little further into this year [2023]7.

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