7 Sep 2021 [culture]

Seth interviews Sean O'Brien on Opt Out Podcast Ep.8 - Decentralized and censorship-resistant messaging platforms

Monero contributor Seth1 interviewed Sean O’Brien2 in the 8th episode of his privacy-focused Opt Out Podcast3:

This episode, we’re sitting down with Sean O’Brien to chat about the need for decentralized and censorship-resistant micro-blogging and short messaging platforms.

Alternatives to Twitter and other centralized and censored services are being discussed.

  1. http://6idyd6chquyis57aavk3nhqyu3x2xfrqelj4ay5atwrorfcpdqeuifid.onion/about/ 

  2. https://nitter.net/seanodiggity 

  3. https://www.optoutpod.com/decentralized-and-censorship-resistant-messaging-platforms-w-sean/