26 Sep 2021 [culture]

Odysee proposes BTC tipping but users demand Monero instead

LBRY1’s most popular video app Odysee2 is looking to add3 Bitcoin tipping to their platform:

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to send and receive tips in Bitcoin as well. Let us know what you think!

Currently they have only implemented cash and LBRY Credits (LBC)4 token tipping.

However, they probably did not expect the overwhelming support for Monero in reply to their announcement.

Literally all top and most upvoted comments are casting a vote of confidence for XMR over BTC:

What about monero?5 -@james_matadobra

Why not Monero tipping?6 -@marksolstafir

Fantastic! Edit: how about Monero? A bit off topic but a draft upload feature would be awesome too!7 -@Vault_13

I’m kinda shocked at how much specific monero asking there is. I guess Monero is a legitimate next option.8 -@willstark53

BTC is okay, I would highly support Monero for maximum privacy!9 -@leonlagrey

Monero?10 -@paulietoes

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