14 Nov 2022 | Updated 16 Jan 2023 [CCS]

NotMtth submits CCS proposal to create 'CypherPunk Radio'

NotMtth1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 looking to create CypherPunk Radio34, a project that aims to deliver music, talkshows, and news, over Tor and I2P:

CypherPunk Radio will provide music of different genres suggested by everyone. Also it will be structured with different rooms, divided by genre, and one of them will be ‘Community room’. [..] News will collected by us and streamed using Text2Speech directly onto the dedicated room.

Total funding: 5.27 XMR.


Milestones overview

The project will be maintained by NotMtth and Insane_Crypto_Maniac5.

Join the cypherpunk-radio community channels on XMPP6, IRC7, Matrix8, and Telegram9 to learn more about the project.

To read the full proposal, share your feedback, ask questions and support this CCS, consult !3572.

Update 23/1/4: radio is now up and running10.

Update 23/1/16: proposal closed11.

  1. https://notmtth.xyz/ 

  2. https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/357  2

  3. https://github.com/CypherPunkRadio/ 

  4. https://gitea.com/CypherPunkRadio/ 

  5. https://t.me/Insane_Crypto_Maniac/ 

  6. cypherpunk-radio@muc.xmpp.is (XMPP) 

  7. #cypherpunk-radio (OFTC) 

  8. cypherpunk-radio:monero.social (Matrix) 

  9. @cypherpunkradio (Telegram) 

  10. /notmtth-launches-cypherpunk-radio/ 

  11. /cypherpunk-radio-cancels-css-proposal/