16 Jan 2024 [community]

[WTS] [US] [$2-$15] Cryptogrinders.us - crypto themed grinders and pre roll cones

Hi, finally got my site up and running. Buy crypto themed grinders and pre roll cones! We accept monero and bitcoin at the moment. Each package of cones contains three pre rolls. If you buy any grinder now we will give you a free 3 pack pre roll cones!

 $2: 3 Pre Roll Cones
 $5: Two Piece Monero Grinder
$15: Four Piece Monero Grinder
$15: 4 Piece DogeCoin themed Grinder
$15: 4 Piece BitCoin themed ALUMINUM Grinder

Link: https://cryptogrinders.us/

Author: No-Stay9442

Contact: @Tacofrogs (Telegram)


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