29 Sep 2021 [research]

Nick Bax demonstrates how XMR transactions related to WannaCry 2.0 were traced

Blockchain analyst Nick Bax1 published a detailed post2 where he demonstrates how Chainalysis3 was able to trace XMR transactions related to the WannaCry 2.04 malware:

Wannacry 2.0: funds tracked from BTC to XMR and back to BTC and BCH after 3 months.


In an attempt to obfuscate the source or destination of the funds, an attempted to convert them to a privacy-focused cryptocurrency has been made (BTC > XMR > BTC/BCH). Shapeshift and Changelly were used for some of the transactions.

Nick shares the info that he used to complete the trace:

Additional data can be found in the associated Github repository12.

Trace factors

The post concludes with a summary and some interesting things to consider:

Nevertheless, this example shows that probabilistic analysis can lead to very high certainties in Monero tracing. It shows that even state-sponsored actors can be traced if improperly using Monero.

The information from this leak can also potentially be used alongside other Monero attacks, such as the recently-described flood attack, to increase the reliability of EAE attacks.15

My advice

  1. Use XMR peer-to-peer (as it was intedended to be used) whenever you can, don’t go through a centralized exchange if you can help it.
  2. Use Tor with GNU/Linux/Whonix/Qubes/Tails (deny metadata collection). Don’t use Windows.
  3. Reassess your treat model and revise your OPSEC accordingly.

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