26 Oct 2021 | Updated 16 Nov 2021 [culture]

Community to suggest name for upcoming Monero v0.18 Fluorine ___ release

The Monero community is currently looking1 for a suitable name for the upcoming v0.18 release:

What should Monero’s 0.18 release be named? Fluorine what?

Any suggestions are welcome, as long as they respect Monero’s release naming convention2:

Monero’s naming convention of a chemical element (in sequence), and celestial object, and was decided on via a discussion on the official forum in 2015. Alliteration or assonance is also required, for maximum awesomeness. As an example, the first Monero release following this convention was named “Hydrogen Helix”.

The community needs to find a celestial object name that works well with Fluorine.

Submissions so far:

Ideas can be posted on Github1 or in Justin’s thread3 on the Monero Space forum and the winner will be decided with a poll:

I’ll run a ranked choice poll later as I have done the last few releases following initial feedback. (sgp_)

Update: voting is open until November 19th4

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  3. https://forum.monero.space/d/151-what-to-name-the-next-monero-release-018 

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