23 Jun 2022 | Updated 22 Jul 2022 [CCS]

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz submits CCS proposals to distribute merchandise and serve Monero content at DEF CON 30

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz1 has submitted two separate CCS proposal23 to procure and distribute merchandise and serve Monero content to thirty thousand visitors at the DEF CON 304 hacking conference in Las Vegas on August 11-14 2022:

This CCS proposal absorbs most of the costs of serving Monero content to thirty thousand visitors at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas (30th anniversary.) [..] This CCS relates only to the production of the stand itself, the display rack of Monero project information, and the on site delivery. (!3252)

This CCS proposal absorbs most the costs of providing a number of Defcon visitors with free of charge Monero branded merchandise. [..] The funded amount will be paid in one milestone, to allow staff to purchase merchandise in time for distribution in August 2022. (!3263)

CCS !325 (Production and delivery)

Total funding proposed: 108 XMR.

CCS !326 (Merchandise purchasing)

Total funding proposed: 375 XMR.


!325 budget should cover staff accommodation, entrance badges, air travel, food, the stand area and other similar items.

!326 budget is allocated to merchandise purchasing: fashion items, books, electronics, and collectibles.


The staff members will be Michael Schloh von Bennewitz (MSvB), Cryptovangurlie, and a third Moneron:

These people staffed the Konferenco and Cryptocurrency Village5 at Defcon last year. [..] You can find us in the vendor area near the west docks of Caesars Forum.

To learn more, ask questions and support the two proposals, consult !3252 and !3263.

Update 22/6/25: proposals were slightly altered67 to remove the third Moneron from the staff and adapt costs.

Update 22/7/22: proposals closed (expired).

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