27 Oct 2021 [wallets]

Monerujo v2.1.2 Vertant release fixes sideshifting bug

The newest Monerujo1 release, v2.1.2 Vertant2 is out.

This point release fixes the settleAmount must be greater than 0 bug when sideshifting.


Wallet files are stored in app-internal storage accessible only by the app on non-rooted devices. External storage is no longer used. Current wallets will be copied to app-internal storage once. After that, wallets can be imported as zip files containing the wallet files (.keys & ).

Warning: Uninstalling the app will delete your wallets on the device! Use the backup function to backup your wallets - you will need the CrAzYpass (aka “Restore Password”) in order to open backed-up wallets - also in other apps.

Before usage, it is recommended to verify that you have downloaded the correct file using the SHA256 hashes listed in the repository2.

To support the open-source project, donate to the XMR addresses listed on Github or on the Monerujo Funding site3 if you wish to support a specific feature.

We can expect support for .onion nodes to come soon4, as the community has fully funded that project recently.

  1. https://monerujo.io 

  2. https://github.com/m2049r/xmrwallet/releases/tag/v2.1.2, https://f-droid.monerujo.io/fdroid/repo/ (F-droid)  2

  3. https://funding.monerujo.app/ 

  4. https://nitter.net/monerujowallet/status/1452632681146093570#m