23 Dec 2021 [wallets]

Monerujo to build iOS app from scratch

Monerujo1 devs are looking into building an app (PoC) for iOS from scratch:

Ok, we bite. (pun intended) You asked for it, and now funding for us to look into making an iOS app is open at funding.monerujo.app. Are we ready to step beyond the idyllic garden of Android?2

To support this initiative, you can donate XMR to help fund the new iOS Proof of Concept project listed on the Monerujo Funding Site3:

Feasability research by building a minimal monerujo from scratch

Raised 1.55 of 60 XMR   2.587542506328333%   Contributors: 8 (to date)

To read more about the funding process, read my previous report4.

  1. https://www.monerujo.io/ 

  2. https://nitter.net/monerujowallet/status/1473801430834331649 

  3. https://funding.monerujo.app/ 

  4. /monerujo-funding-site/