23 Mar 2022 [events]

Monerotopia teams up with 'The Crypto Vigilante' to offer virtual conference access

Douglas Tuman1 has announced2 that Monerotopia3 has just teamed up with The Crypto Vigilante4 to offer virtual conference access:

In-person for the full experience but we also just teamed up with @VigilanteCrypto to offer a virtual option hosted by @vamosvigilante

Rafael LaVerde5 will host a MoneroTopia Virtual Conference in a tent set-up among the all-day DJ, bars, and vendors.

To get access to the live stream of the conference, anyone can purchase virtual tickets from the website6 for $89 USD using Monero.

The event will take place in Miami Beach, Florida on April 7th. Speakers, vendors, partners, sponsors and all other details are listed on the Monerotopia website3.

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