30 Oct 2021 | Updated 15 Jan 2022 [events]

Monerotopia Miami event to take place on April 7th 2022

Douglas Tuman1 has recently confirmed2 that the 2022 Monerotopia Miami conference will take place on April 7th:

April 7th, 2022 – Miami Beach, FL. From 10 a.m. till we get kicked-out.

Equal parts conference and chill. At a “private-location” walking distance from Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. Sneak away to MoneroTopia for a day of Monero, Privacy tech, and liberty themed talks with Q&A. DJ all day between talks, 4-6 speakers, learning booths, and a CASH/XMR bar. Hang with us from morning coffee to cocktails, or pop-in anytime.

Early Adopter tickets3 can be bought right now for $59 USD from the new Monerotopia website4. The tickets include admission fee and early adopter swag.

Laggard tickets will be available at the door for $125 and Majority tickets will be available online for $99.

XMR and other cryptocurrencies are accepted through the NOWPayments5 gateway.


Update 21/11/30: updated sponsors17.

Update 22/1/15: updated speaker list.

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