28 Feb 2022 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews Vanessa Harris on true digital cash

In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman interviews Vanessa Harris3 on why society needs true digital cash:

[..] the number 1 currency that’s used for illicit activity by far and away is the US dollar [..] the idea that having somehow an untraceable digital cash is gonna be the cause of all this activity, to me that’s just ridiculous .. (09:45)

[..] CBDC is the end of human liberty. (35:45)

The guest is the CPO of Permission4, a platform for Web3 advertising, and an ex-Google and ex-Microsoft employee.

Several topics are covered in this interview, such as: government tyranny, CBDC’s, privacy, fungibility, governance, self custody, surveillance capitalism, Monero and BTC.