1 Sep 2022 [culture]

Monero Talk team to organize Halloween privacy protest in Washington Square Park

The Monero Talk1 team is looking to organize an anonymous Halloween privacy protest2 in New York City, Washington Sq. Park, on October 31st 2022:

Join us October 31st in NYC in Washington Square Park as we peacefully demonstrate against surveillance and the trampling of our Constitutional Rights. [..] Don’t let the State criminalize liberty preserving tools.

Event details

Date/Time: October 31st 2022/6PM
Location: New York City, Washington Square Park

Special Edition Anon Masks3 and Poster Prints Signed by Sidarta4 can be purchased from the Monerotopia website2.

Reach out to Douglas5 or sunita6 if you would like to be one of the three event speakers.

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