4 Mar 2022 [culture]

MoneroTalk team invites community to join Monerotopia live shows in Rincon, Puerto Rico

The MoneroTalk1 team has invited2 the community to join the upcoming Monerotopia live shows in Rincon, Puerto Rico:

Meet up with the Monero Talk team in Puerto Rico if you’re on the Island!!

Saturday (March 5 @ 9:30AM-EST/10:30AM-PR/3:30PM-CET) 
Saturday (March 12th)

To meet and chat you can send a DM on Twitter3 or email4 the hosts (Doug5 & Sunita6).

You can join the stage on Streamyard7 and watch the live broadcast on Twitch/YT8.

  1. https://monerotalk.live 

  2. https://libredd.it/t6ldrx/ 

  3. https://nitter.net/monerotopia 

  4. monerotopia@ctemplar.com 

  5. https://nitter.net/DouglasTuman 

  6. https://nitter.net/sunchakr 

  7. https://streamyard.com/2uxsvs8xyb 

  8. https://redirect.invidious.io/gwewGQ_QusY