4 Dec 2022 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews Monero dev Justin Berman

In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman3 interviews full-time Monero developer, Justin Berman4:

[..] you sit in #monero-dev, #monero-research-lab, or #monero-community [..] you lurk in there and you listen and you see [..] what issues are showing up, what research problems there are [..] and then you go look in the code and see how to fit that to fix some small problem .. (Justin @ 56:35)

Several topics are discussed in this short interview, including Seraphis/Jamtis, Dandelion++, DSAs and ring signatures, the power of open-source and tips for new Monero contributors.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report to learn more about Justin’s recent work on Monero5.