6 Feb 2022 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews 'The Robin Hood Of Wall Street', Gregory Mannarino

In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman, interviews Gregory Mannarino3, aka The Robin Hood Of Wall Street:

[..] the system is sick [..] the action of central banks around the world who are determined right now to be the lenders and buyers of last resort, own it all, become the governments of the world. (13:50)

The two discuss crypto, stock markets, debt markets, propaganda, inflation, the Fed, central banks, the upcoming market crash and Monero.

[..] It’s completely insane right now: there is no price discovery mechanism behind the market anymore, P/E ratios don’t matter anymore, forward guidance doesn’t matter anymore, what these companies do for the most part doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all easy money. And the easy money is being poured into this market since the Fed started artificially supressing rates since the last meltdown, something that’s not gonna stop [..] (14:40)

[Monero] sounds beautiful to me, I love it. [..] Anything, to me, that can circumvent the current debt-based system - I’m all for it. (52:30)

The interview ended in style thanks to Douglas’s unexpected offer to buy Gregory’s ‘68 Camaro SS using Monero (buy now price is $60K) and Gregory’s promise to share the interview with his followers:

You wanna pay me in Monero? I’ll take it. [..] I will bless this out to a lot of people. So this will get some traction. [1:00:10]

Gregory is an active full-time trader and market analyst. He regularly uploads market videos on his channel4 (200K+ followers since ~2018). You can learn more about the guest on his website5.

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