16 Nov 2021 [services]

MoneroMarvin releases Python library for LocalMonero API

MoneroMarvin1 has released a Python library2 for the LocalMonero/Agoradesk34 API5:

Today I’ve released version 0.1.0 of the python library to access the LocalMonero API.

Install and usage instructions can be found in the README6.

  1. https://libreddit.de/user/MoneroMarvin 

  2. https://codeberg.org/MarvinsCryptoTools/agoradesk_py 

  3. https://localmonero.co 

  4. https://agoradesk.com 

  5. https://agoradesk.com/api-docs/v1 

  6. https://codeberg.org/MarvinsCryptoTools/agoradesk_py#agoradesk_py