3 Nov 2021 [services]

MoneroMarket project set to launch website on November 7th 2021

The MoneroMarket1 project plans to launch2 its website on November 7th 2021 at 2100 UTC, according to Janoher3:

Hello everyone, I deeply apologize for the wait as changing how shipping took place took a bit longer than expected [..] but am excited to make this website finally become a reality.

It remains to be seen if direct deals will be permanently enabled or if the owner will use the heavily criticized centralized shipping system that was initially proposed4.

Users that registered and deposited XMR on the test website should save their account information to avoid losing funds:

If you sent money to your in-store Monero wallet, please save your username AND password information! This will be the ONLY way to transfer your moneroj over to your new account that you will have to create again when the website officially goes live in a little under 5 days.

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