4 Nov 2023 | Updated 21 Feb 2024 [events] [CCS]

MoneroKon to abandon CCS for self-hosted crowdfunding solution

The community reached consensus to close the MoneroKon CCS proposal1 and go with a self-hosted crowdfunding solution, during today’s MoneroKon 2024 Planning Meeting2:

[..] better to have a monero-cli true multisig and periodically move the funds from the RINO account to that multisig (hbs)

monerokon PR will be closed; we are going with a self hosted solution (ajs_)3

This decision comes in direct response to the recent CCS incident4.

Join the next MoneroKon24 meeting5 to get involved with the workgroup.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/11/11: funding page available6.

Update 23/11/14: ajs confirmed that the project is using a ‘BTCPay server with Monero support in the backend and RINO multisig enterprise service for the wallet’.

Update 23/11/16: MoneroKon multisig wallet is now public7.

Update 24/2/21: updated main website links (.com > .org).