10 Jan 2022 | Updated 14 Apr 2022 [CCS]

MoneroKon 2022 CCS proposal ready for funding

The MoneroKon 20221 CCS proposal2 is now ready for funding3:

135 contributors have donated 328 of 328 XMR (100%)

The conference should take place in Lisbon, Portugal.


[..] the CCS does not afford refunds to be paid to donors. To this effect, if the CCS is funded and the event has to be cancelled/postponed all XMR will be directed towards MoneroKon 2023. If the CCS is only partially funded - all raised XMR will be directed to the MoneroKon 2023 fund

[..] if this CCS is not funded in full by mid February (estimated date), the raised funds at that time will roll into the MoneroKon 2023 fund, maintained until 2023 by Core.

This first one (CCS-1) covers the total (maximum) estimated cost of putting on the event - €55,650 (328 XMR approx @ current price of €170 per XMR - 6th January 2021).

The second CCS (CCS-2) will cover the cost of speaker and volunteer travel and accommodation. We imagine there will be 25 total speakers and volunteers, and we have a **very rough estimate that CCS will be around €25,000. **

To support this proposal you can donate XMR to the address listed on the Funding Required page3.

Consult my previous report to learn more about this proposal4.

Update 22/2/1: adjusted donation goal, updated total contributions.

Update 22/4/14: fully funded5.

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