20 Oct 2021 | Updated 1 Nov 2021 [culture]

'Dual Outputs: Enabling Payment-Channel Networks in Monero' MoneroKon 2019 transcription ready for review

Monero Outreach Workgroup1 contributor hashes4merkle2 has submitted an english transcription3 for Monero Konferenco 20194’s Dual Outputs: Enabling Payment-Channel Networks in Monero5 video6.

lh10087’s PR8 will be merged after the community reviews the transcription.

Reviewers can contact lh10087, post a comment on Github in #3188 or join #monero-outreach on irc/Matrix9 to connect with the workgroup.

Although there is no bounty currently associated with the task, this is a good opportunity to contribute something to the Monero community.

Update: PR merged.

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