1 Mar 2022 [culture]

hdflix starts adding Monero educational videos to Monero.ist

hdflix1 has started2 adding Monero educational videos3 to the Monero.ist4 website:

We have posted our first monero video and linked to the creator as seen https://monero.ist/movie/monero-explained-864 also another section here https://monero.ist/page/what-is-monero-xmr

Monero Explained
Monero Means Money

To suggest an entry, post a comment in the Reddit thread2 or submit a request5 on the website.

  1. https://libredd.it/user/hdflix 

  2. https://libredd.it/t3sa1i/  2

  3. https://monero.ist/search/monero 

  4. https://monero.ist/ 

  5. https://monero.ist/page/requests