10 Nov 2021 | Updated 21 Nov 2021 [bounties]

moneroguides to produce 'Getting to grips with Monero' mini video series

moneroguides1 is looking to produce a mini video series entitled Getting to grips with Monero:

The mini series/playlist we propose to curate will contain 4 videos, each of varying length and on different subjects. [..] We believe this series would be a great starter pack for anyone getting into monero.


Previous work includes 2 videos: Mining Monero with P2Pool - Windows and XMRig - Ubuntu, which can be found on the moneroguides video channel4.

You can encourage this project by donating some XMR to their bounty proposal5.

Update: added links to first two scripts23.

  1. https://libredd.it/user/moneroguides 

  2. https://github.com/moneroguides/importing-public-keys-and-verifying-hashes/blob/main/Script.md  2

  3. https://github.com/moneroguides/setting-up-your-own-node/blob/main/script.md  2

  4. https://yewtu.be/channel/UCWeGibnI0h07pIPiX945DBg 

  5. https://bounties.monero.social/posts/31