23 Apr 2022 | Updated 26 Apr 2022 [CCS]

moneroguides completes CCS proposal after publishing 'Getting to grips with Monero' mini video series

moneroguides1 has published all 4 videos for the Getting to grips with Monero2 mini series, completing the associated CCS proposal3:

We really hope this series serves the community well and will act as something that can guide everyone who’s joining.4

The videos can be found on the Moneroguides website5 and on Youtube6:

01x01 - Importing Public Keys & Verifying Hashes
01x02 - Setting up your own Node
01x03 - Using Monero as Money
01x04 - Using Monero With Enhanced Privacy

The subtitle files can be found on Github7, and can be used by anyone that’s interested in creating extra subs for the videos.

Update: moneroguides videos are also available on Odysee8.

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