22 Aug 2022 [community]

[WTB] PopularFX license. You get $20 your fee + $45 for license = total $65 in XMR

Link: https://libredd.it/wuvrqk

Hi guys, I need need help purchasing personal license for my website from this website https://popularfx.com/pricing/ They don’t accept XMR. I will compensate you for the license + you make $20. You get $20 your fee + $45 for license = total you get $65 in XMR Please use promo code EMAIL_SUBSCR_25 to get PERSONAL license for $45. I will send xmr to moderator’s escrow as soon as you are ready.

Author: MoneroFan-XMR

Contact: u/MoneroFan-XMR (Reddit)


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