11 Apr 2022 [services] [art]

monerobull launches monerosupplies.com shop

monerobull1 has announced2 the launch of monerosupplies.com3 shop:

This site will not only make ordering stickers way simpler but also improve privacy since personal data won’t be exchanged over third parties like reddit, discord or telegram anymore.

Previously, monerobull has been supplying the community with cheap Monero stickers in the weekly Friday Market Threads4.

monerobull is currently working with gnuteardrops5 from Monero.Graphics6 to add more designs to their shop (Monero Stop Sticker7).

  1. https://libredd.it/user/monerobull 

  2. https://libredd.it/u1czo5/ 

  3. /friday-monero-market-thread-8-april-2022 

  4. https://monerosupplies.com/ 

  5. https://libredd.it/user/gnuteardrops 

  6. https://monero.graphics 

  7. https://monero.graphics/all/monero-stop-sticker/