28 Sep 2022 | Updated 25 Mar 2023 [guides]

Monero Boating Club creates 'Granny's Guide to Monero'

Monero Boating Club1 has created a simple guide2 for complete newcomers on how to start using XMR titled Granny’s Guide to Monero:

Granny’s Guide to Monero is ready at moneroboating.com/guide. A very simple, minimalist guide to start adopting #Monero. Let me know if I missed anything!3

Table of contents

Create a wallet
Receiving funds
Sending funds
How to obtain Monero
Exchange other crypto to Monero
Where to spend your Monero
Various tips and notes

XMR tips can be sent to the address listed at the bottom of the guide4.

Update: Monero Boating Club was closed, Twitter account deleted: Dear anon, my old-fashioned-world job has become very demanding, and I must give it my undivided attention’.

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  3. https://nitter.net/moneroboating/status/1575093464760389634#m 

  4. https://moneroboating.com/guide/#donate