19 Mar 2023 | Updated 4 Apr 2023 [culture] [dev]

Monero to block NFTs in upcoming release

In response to the new Monero Ordinals Project1, Monero devs decided2 to promptly merge tevador’s proposed patch (PR #87333) which limits the maximum size of tx_extra that’s allowed in the transaction pool to ~1 KB (1060 bytes):

This patch is really needed now that someone has released something to (ab)use the unconstrained size of the field. (jtgrassie)4

This move should mitigate most of the damage done by nonfungible tokens in their current form, but since it’s a non-consensus change (no HF), mining pools must agree to use the upcoming v0.18.2.15 point release for it to be efficient.

The total number of NFTs minted on Monero has increased from 100 to ~1K6 in less than 5 days.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/3/27: v0.18.2.1 release was tagged7; ‘The Mordinal share of outputs on chain has been about 24% for the last 72 hours’, according to Rucknium8.

Update 23/4/4: Monero CLI/GUI v0.18.2.2 tagged910; Rucknium posted updated data on Mordinal transaction volume11.

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