12 Jan 2024 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews zkSNACKs co-founder nopara73

In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman3 interviews nopara73 (Adam Ficsor)4, the co-founder of zkSNACKs5 and Wasabi Wallet6:

[..] so if Monero would be that good that I can just download it on my phone and use it with anyone instantly and it would scale [..] no one can stop Monero at that point, but neither Bitcoin nor Monero is there.. (Adam @ 1:10:59)

Several topics are discussed in this interview, including Monero development issues, Wasabi vs Samourai Wallet, Bitcoin privacy limitations, and the need for uncensorable digital cash.

To learn more about the guest, visit his blog on Medium7.

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