27 Nov 2021 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews self-proclaimed Monero extremist Mano Crypto

In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman interviews self-proclaimed Monero extremist Mano Crypto3:

[..] I’ve bought Monero at 50 cents [..] and the things I see now don’t make me happy at all ..

[..] Monero is going to be the most important asset [..] if there was no Monero I think I would have left the crypto community ..

The guest is the CEO of Coinpower4 and admins the biggest crypto community in Holland & Belgium.

Doug decided to invite him on the show after being impressed with his passionate speech against KYC exchanges on a recent Monero Twitter Spaces event.

They discuss Mano’s emotional journey from BTC maximalism to Monero extremism.