14 May 2022 [meta] [guides]

Monero Observer self-hosted CLI Git server deployed

Monero Observer’s self-hosted terminal-based Git server has been deployed and is now accepting SSH connections to git.monero.observer at port 23231.

The server hosts the open-source website code and content for the project. Read the licenses1 section for more info.


(1) To access the server (TUI) and browse the repository

(2) To download the repository


ssh-keygen -o -a 75 -t ed25519

ssh git.monero.observer -p 23231

git clone ssh://git.monero.observer:23231/src

That should covers the basics.

Thanks to git, ssh key pairs and soft-serve2, there is no need to touch browsers, MS Github or other proprietary/bloated platforms. Always remember that GitHub, GitLab et al != Git.

More guides on how to use git, ssh, terminals and email to collaborate cypherpunk-style will be available soon on Monero Observer.

Your questions, feedback and suggestions are always welcome @ /about.


  1. /about#licenses 

  2. https://github.com/charmbracelet/soft-serve