15 Oct 2021 [meta]

Looking for new Monero Observer dark theme feedback

The Monero Observer will now display a different theme (light or dark) depending on your device or browser settings.

After getting a lot of feedback requesting a dark(er) theme, I was presented with a couple of choices:

  1. add (manually) switchable dark theme (no, requires JS)
  2. stick with original light theme (no alternative though)
  3. switch to dark theme only (there are still benefits to light theme)
  4. add auto switchable light/dark theme (no real cons?)

Obviously, I went with number 4.

The reasons I still plan on supporting the original light theme:

Adding a fully switchable light/dark theme is not an option as I want to keep the website 100% JS-free.

The best thing I could find was the prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature. Most (major) browsers should support this.

Test it:

You should be able to set most operating systems, devices and browsers to Dark mode.

What do you think?

As always, any feedback is appreciated.