10 Oct 2022 [meta] [pinned]

New Monero Observer 'Cypherpunk Transmission' series to substitute weekly XMR TA report

A new Monero Observer series, Cypherpunk Transmission, will replace the weekly XMR TA reports1.

The first CT will be posted on Monday (October 17) and, if that is well received, the series will become part of the regular schedule.

There are several reasons behind this change:

Note that all 56 XMR TA reports will still be available on the website, for reference.


PS: [emotional] thank you for reading my military technical analysis reports for more than a year. ^o^

  1. /archive/#analysis 

  2. https://blog.torproject.org/trouble-cloudflare/ 

  3. https://unixsheikh.com/articles/stay-away-from-cloudflare.html