5 Nov 2021 | Updated 23 Dec 2021 [pinned]

[ANN] Monero Observer free community messages


During the past few months I have observed very few posts in Monero community channels and market threads.

This is too depressing for my taste, so I won’t let it slide:

Monero Market 6 years old

Although the volume is not there yet, I have decided to help the few people that are looking to connect with others in the community. It’s a start.

The messages

The new Monero Observer Community Messages section will initially list the following types of messages:

[WTS] = Want To Sell
[WTB] = Want To Buy
[LTH] = Looking To Hire
[LTT] = Looking To Trade
[AFH] = Available For Hire
[ANN] = Announcement
[PBP] = Pro Bono Publico

Messages will be manually posted by me each day, whenever there are new submissions.

Old messages will be removed, probably once per week or month (TBD). You can bump an old message by pinging me.

I have prepopulated this new section with a few of my most recent relevant merchant and service reports to kick this off.

Listing criteria

Note: I am not obligated to post anything if I think it would not benefit the Monero community.

Where to send

Again, preferably you should send the message to my XMPP account. It is listed on the /about page.

If you can’t use XMPP, try sending to my email or Matrix account. There might be delays, as both cTemplar and Matrix have been rather unreliable recently.


Let me know what you think of this. If you find it helpful, I will continue providing the service pro bono, otherwise I will probably drop it in the future and redirect time and resources elsewhere.