20 Jan 2024 [art]

Monero Observer Artistic Saturday Top 5 - Week 3, 2024

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5 - ‘Surveillance vs liberty’ graphic (by MarilynMonero212)

'Surveillance vs liberty' graphic

4 - ‘XMR developer profile’ meme (by Anonymous3)

'XMR developer profile' meme

3 - ‘Lend me your era’ artwork (by GreatArtReset4)

'Lend me your era' artwork

2 - ‘Gnu is back’ illustration (by gnuteardrops5)

'Gnu is back ' illustration

1 - ‘We don’t change the message’ artwork (by gnuteardrops6)

'We don't change the message' artwork

Let me know if you enjoyed this edition and send me your art suggestions @/about.