3 Jun 2023 [art]

Monero Observer Artistic Saturday Top 5 - Week 22, 2023

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5 - ‘Obfuscate your identity’ Monero illustration (by monero.graphics2)

'Obfuscate your identity' Monero illustration

4 - Different Monero stickers (by shopz3)

Different Monero stickers

3 - ‘They see your every move’ illustration (by @MoneroHombre4)

'They see your every move' illustration

2 - ‘Monero’ painting (by valiumonaplane5)

'Monero' painting

1 - ‘How would you stand up for Monero’ banner (by monero.graphics6)

'How would you stand up for Monero' banner

Let me know if you enjoyed this edition and send me your art suggestions @/about.

Notes: monero.graphics designs can be used freely, but other designs might be commissioned. Tip the artists to support their work.