26 Apr 2022 [meta]

Monero Observer announcement: cTemplar shutting down, switching to DNMX

cTemplar is shutting down on May 26th 2022, according to their announcement1.

Until further notice, DNMX will be the new primary email service provider for Monero Observer. Additional (backup) emails might be added in the future.


Feel free to verify the /contact-signed.txt file with my GPG key. Consult the /about page for more information.

You can follow my step by step guide if you need help verifying my accounts.

Note that XMPP still remains the preferred contact method. If you use email, try to manually encrypt your message if at all possible.

PS: if looking for an ESP, consult my new List of email service providers for anons and let me know if that’s helpful.


  1. https://ctemplar.com/ctemplar-is-shutting-down/