25 Dec 2021 [meta]

Monero Observer Roadmap 2022

Not much is going on in the community today, as most people are celebrating Christmas, so it might be a good time to share my Monero Observer 2022 plans.

This is not exactly a roadmap, but more like a set of very rough ideas to point in a general direction.


Not sure how many of the items above I will be able to accomplish next year, so no promises.

I want to help Monero as much as I can, inspire and educate more people and empower new contributors. All that without sacrificing the cypherpunk ways.

Message me on XMPP1 if you want to get involved with the project in 2022. I need your help.

Thanks for reading. Relax and enjoy family time!


  1. escapethe3ra@jabber.calyxinstitute.orgĀ