4 Dec 2021 [culture]

Monero Core's ArticMine gives insightful interview on Monero Matteo show

Monero Core’s Francisco ArticMine Cabanas1 has given an insightful and extensive interview2 on Monero Matteo3’s show4:

Today we were honored to have back Monero Core Developer and Legend Artic Mine. Topics vary all the way from blockchain surveillance, Monero fundamentals, Bitcoin flaws, proof-of-work vs proof-of-stake, monetary philosophy, gold, news regulatory initiatives and much more. Enjoy!

The host has provided helpful timestamps under the video and it’s easy to jump to different sections and share specific segments.

  1. https://libredd.it/user/ArticMine 

  2. https://odysee.com/@MoneroMatteo/Artic-Mine-Interview-2 

  3. https://gab.com/GulagStag 

  4. https://odysee.com/@MoneroMatteo